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Associates Environmental is a client-focused environmental consulting firm specializing in air quality, water    quality and land use issues impacting manufacturing and industrial facilities as well as the construction and    marine construction industries. Although the company is new, its knowledge base is deep. The staff of    Associates Environmental has been involved in the air quality arena as regulators and consultants since    the late 1980's. Our new company is growing rapidly in terms of clients and industries served as well as in    our number of consultants and we have recently added two Greenhouse Gas Verifiers.

The Associates Environmental team consists of experts who have been intimately involved with   environmental permitting, registration and compliance issues impacting stationary, portable, off-road, on-    highway, marine and mining sources. We have been processing Statewide Portable Equipment Registration    Program (PERP) applications for more than a decade. Stationary source permitting projects, including air    pollutant dispersion modeling and air toxic health risk assessments have been performed throughout the    United States. Staff has participated in the Off-Road Diesel Rule since initial rulemaking began.

Our goal is to become your "go to" company for professional environmental consulting services. Through a    process we call "Industry, Charity and Prosperity" we help our clients focus on their businesses and the    things they do best by relieving them of the burden of obtaining environmental permits and writing   environmental plans.

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