Land Use

Obtaining or revising a Conditional Use Permit or getting a Mining and Reclamation Plan approved can be    time consuming and confusing. Our staff of Land Use experts can guide you through the process so you    can avoid regulatory pitfalls that might delay your project.

Our Land Use services include environmental review and documentation of each sub-project necessary for    compliance with regulatory authorities, environmental approvals and permits. Environmental review   includes environmental impact assessment (EA), study (EIS) and reporting (EIR). The environmental review    process also includes: acquisition due diligence investigation, assessment, and reporting; developing and    implementing environmental management plans and systems (e.g. environmental mitigation and   management plans) necessary for environmental compliance during various stages of project construction    and operation.

A few examples of land use entitlements that our staff has experience with are as follows: Mining and    Reclamation Plan, as well as Financial Assurance Annual Report (consistent with SMARA), Inert Debris    Engineered Fill Operation (IDEFO), Substantial Conformance Application, Conditional Use Permit, Zone    Change, and Lot Line Adjustments.

To learn more about our land use services please call Mike Buckantz at (714) 916-4953 x701 or e-mail him    at

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